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Tekne Personal Training & Massage Therapy

Tekne Training is an exclusive boutique fitness and massage studio catering to the needs of executive professionals throughout the Memphis area.

Tekne is certified to work on effective prevention and treatment of running injuries, trigger point therapy, and John Barnes Myofascial Release using a personal training and fitness coaching regimen that is second to none.


I have been privileged to be Kenyarda’s client for almost seven years. He is extremely knowledgeable and prescriptive to drive success based on individual needs and goals. He focuses on his continued development and education and his clients are the direct beneficiaries. He provides a whole body service by motivating the mind, proper fuel through nutrition and hydration, relaxation and healing through massage, and health, strength, and flexibility through exercise. In addition, he has the unique ability to adjust his approaches to each individual and as a result, assists them in achieving results they never thought was possible. I have had several trainers in the past. Kenyarda is the absolute best I have encountered. He is truly amazing!

Cathy Ross

I started working out with Kenyarda Patterson five years ago. I was down to my last option before I was to have surgery on my right knee. Not only did Kenyarda save me from having surgery, I am in the best shape since high school. Once he fixed my knee, he trained me to successfully climb Mount Kilimanjaro (19,345 feet) and recently Mount Aconcagua (20,000 feet). My canoe partner and I have also won first place in the Great Mississippi Canoe and Kayak race the last 5 years in a row. I attribute all of these successes to the training that I do with Kenyarda.

A. Boyd Wade, III, CPA

I have been a personal training client of Kenyarda Patterson since 2014 and I enjoy training with him very much.  I have found Kenyarda to be extremely knowledgeable on practically all areas and aspects of physical fitness.  His methods of training meets each client at their present level whatever it may be. His workouts are tailored to whatever your personal fitness goals may be and will be challenging but not overwhelming for your level of fitness.

Kenyarda is very attentive to detail and making sure his clients are performing their task correctly at all time and he welcomes questions that will help you better understand what and why you are doing a particular exercise.

Linda Sessoms

Personal Training


I work with individuals on weight loss, functionally performing better, injuries, and strength gains, with personal training & fitness coaching tailored to each clients needs.

Massage Therapy


Tekne clients enjoy the convenience of onsite massage services for stress reduction, improved circulation and recovering from a strenuous workout.

Tekne Nutrition


The Coaching Team at Tekne offers Nutrition Coaching by Precision Nutrition, a worldwide leader in sports nutrition.


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